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dis/appear by Taweesak Molsawat






“Art communicates through visual and non-visual means; the subject matters of art originate from culture and society; art, therefore, is an instrument to critically and creatively examine, and shape culture and society.”

                                                          Taweesak Molsawat


The work titled “dis/appear: Blurring Image between Cultural Hierarchy and Reality” reflects the artist’s point of view on the impact of economical and cultural invasion in capitalism and globalization era. This work is aimed to investigate and raise questions regarding functions and roles of jewelry, Medal, as a cultural and social signifier.   

In this body of work, the artist emphasizes on the duality between tension and flexibility, illusion (cultural hierarchy) and reality, particularly the existing conceptual idea of constructed cultural object and a new conceptual idea of the work. The theoretical design framework is to create the viewers’ state of paradox and ambiguity by deconstructing the viewers’ prior experience, understanding and relationship with Medal, and reconstructing new experience, content and context through the work. With new experience of interaction between the work and wearer’s body, the artist generates the condition in which the wearer is compelled to devise a new meaning, context and state of jewelry perception in a theoretical and conceptual way.

This work is intended to be a catalyst for the promotion of questions and provoking new interpretations. The work acts as an open-ended language in a paradoxical and ambiguity world of visual and conceptual objects. This contradictory relationship, exposed by the fusion of work and body, as well as the contextual spaces that marry them, creates a conceptual empty space to permit fresh interpretations and layers of meaning from viewers’ personal perspective.