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Solos: Never Odd or Even Part IV






"Palindrome" is a word, phrase, number or sequence of symbols or elements, whose meaning may be interpreted the same way in either forward or reverse direction. 

Palingdromes like, A NUT FOR A JAR OF TUNA or EVIL RATS ON NO STAR LIVE, might not make so much sense to us but nonetheless they are symmetrical riddles that play with our perceprion of how we see things.  Many believe that symmetrical objects have an inner harmony, and value them for this.  In nature, symmetry is approaximate.  For example, plant leaves, while considered symmetric, rarely match up exactly when folded in half.  If there is no such thing as perfect symmetry in nature, can we find perfection in imperfections?

What happens when two artists decide to mirror their own work but also reflect and bounce off each other's visual language?  Will we BORROW OR ROB ideas from one another?  Will we feel the need to be the one who MUST SELL AT TALLEST SUM?  Will our work end up at the same LEVEL? or will "DAMMIT I'M MAD!" for doing this pop up in our heads?  Our new series of work has been created under an echo of two minds exploring the contratictory meanings of symmetry in nature and life. Mirros are commonly used for personal grooming and admiring oneself.  In the mirror you can see yourself, but not quite...The mirror image is reversed.  In a mutual admiration can we create a MEGA GEM?  This might get interesting, WON'T IT NOW?  Have we hit your RADAR?  Come and see this TOP SPOT that is TOO HOT TO HOOT!