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TOH: Me, My Work and Everything in Between

TOH Square




The interesting things about the connection between ourselves and the work we created is that it communicates our thoughts and stories, and is as much a "part" of the artwork we created in terms of our experiences and our ways of life. 

This exhibtiion aims to find a common ground between the three artists and to use the same physical space in order to communicate their stories through their work of contemporary art jewelry.


About TOH-Craft

Vinit, Prayut and Panjapol got together and founded TOH-Craft in 2013.  "Toh" means table, desk or bench as in workbench in Thai.  All three have the same goal in creating interesting contemporary art jewelry, even though they employ different working styles and skills.


Vinit:  My work is like a representation of myself in many beliefs, my thoughts, my feelings and my tastes.  For me, working on a piece is like a journey from one point to another.  And the journey itself is as important as reaching the destination.

Prayut:  My experimental space portrays stories and viewpoints through age-old traditional embroidery techniques used with various daily life materials, both new and old, that call for patience and concentration.  It is my goal to show that objects made with my hands, needles and threads can be more than just craft.

Panjapol:  The "space" that connects me to my work came from my experience, my frustration, my way of life and in turn creates concepts for the work created.  Each piece is created from my real life's story at a particular moment that is influential to the "space" mentioned above.