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Impossible to Imagine

Jorge sqaure





Jacques Lacan claims that the reality is 'impossible to imagine' contrast to the imaginary and symbolic functions of the body.

I am interested in the definitions and understanding of the body.

What does a body mean? How can we build or defragment a body?

For this exhibition I want to represent how forcefully the body can be used to address social injustice, sexism, aggression, violence and disease.

I don't pretend or want to use the traditional realistic approaches to the body.  But my own perosnal way to express the presence, absence and isolation of the body in a physical and philosophical way.

Taking flowers as my main inspiration, symbolically and figuratively, I decided to create jewelry objects that are crudely formed and built furiously.

The bodies (flowers) become abstract images, that are built of small fragments representing different expressions of mental and physical state.

Different textures, different parts, some hairy, some smooth, others heavily creased like wounds...

Each of them tells a story randomly arranged in my own interpretation of flowers as cultural, social and religious symbols.