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JEWELLERY IS AT MY FEET by Panjapol Kulpapangkorn






"Everybody has their own jewellery, but not everyone realises that they have already worn it." 


My work pushes the boundaries of jewellery by re-thinking, re-defining and re-interpreting the definition of jewellery design.  I started questioning myself what is the meaning of jewellery?

I traveled around the world to open up my horizon.  From place to place, one footstep after another, it has a lot of meanings, stories and memories.  During my travels, I always recorded and collected my memories from the places I vistied by using films, rounds, diary, phtographs and found objects.  All these things have a strong emotional and physical relationship.

The memory that is precious, is very personal and individual.  It seems I wear it, not on my body but in my mind.  A memory can be defined in my view as a piece of jewellery that is still a part of me and with me all the time.

"Jewellery is at my feet, the show is yours", the community project, was created in 2012 in order to communicate my believe in jewellery's perception to others. To do this I started creating Memory kits, boxes consisting a memory bag, badges and an instruction of participation.  I asked the kit recipients to record their lives through filming their footsteps and valued moments and also collecting memory objects.

Almost two years, the memory from participants returned.  Films, found objects, train tickets, wedding rings, tree branches, plastic toys even wrapping papers from 133 participants in 25 countries, were in my studio.  These things came with the personal and individual narratives and I used it as my main material to creat a piece of jewellery, based on each of participant's story.