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Flare by Jiro Kamata

poster Jiro square





Light and reflection are always important topic for my work which has very strong relationship with jewellery.  In this exhibition I will show 3 different bodies of work.


"BI" pieces, are made using dichroic mirrow, which reflects two different colours.  This material is used in optical applications and architecture.  I was fascinated by its unusual colour reflections and knew immediately that I wanted to make jewellery with it.  It's not only about the two colours but also about the openness of perception.

"Palette" came next.  Wearingone, you see strong, colourful shadows on the white corian base.  The shape of the shodow changes depending on the light direction; where it comes from or where you are.  For me the light is a living thing.  It is moving everywhere, getting stronger or weaker, changing colour.

"Flare" is a piece of jewellery about the sun. It is a strong memory in my mind when I saw the incredible sunrise at Atacama desert in Chile.  At this moment I understood clearly why the ancients saw sun and gold as one and the same.

Flare is the explosion of sun's surface but at the same time flare means also reflection of the light, which happens inside of a camerca lens.