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A Day Away by Hnoss Initiative

Poster Hnoss Square




A day away is the flight distance between Sweden and Thailand, two countried situated on opposite sides of the earth.  It is also a saying used to describe something close and soon to come.  It is just a day away.

Hnoss Intitiative invited four young Artists--Anna Norrgrann, Anna-Karin Haag, Charlotte Alfort, Karin Gyllerfelt--for this exhibition.  The artists are recent graduates of HDK in Gotherburg.  Each of them is showing very personal way of expressing thrit thoughts through materials and techniques.  The results are indiviural approaches to jewellery that offer new perceptions to known patterns.  A mix of artists that well represents the voice of Swedish jewellery today--poetic, innovative, sensitive and humoristic.

Introducing the exhibtiion in a distant place offering a new perspective and brings today and tomorrow closer together.  It is just a day away.