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Second Space by Florian Weichsberger

poster Florian




ATTA Gallery introduces Florian Weichsberger with his Off the Wall Mini Exhibition.


The idea of this series is a science-fiction thought of what would be, if the human development/evolution would happen in an environment consisting only of plastic.

The pieces are inspired by ancient objects, but the shapes are invented and if you would do a scientific research you couldn’t really put them in a special era.

They look more like ritual adornment pieces, the act of adorning seems to be a very basic human need, as humans where wearing “jewellery” before they started to wear clothes.

I am interested in what the viewer thinks he sees when he looks at the work at first and how the perception of it changes when he realizes what it really is.

The definition of our being is based on what we know about our past and the information we get from found objects, through new discoveries this definition changes all the time.

This body of work is also something like a research or a fiction of how will we define our origin and our identity in the future.



*** Florian Weichsberger, born in Germany, grew up in Italy and works in Munich, Germany since his graduation from the well-renown Munich Academy of Art where he studied under Otto Künzli. He is one of the three recipients of the highly regarded Herbert Hofmann Prize, dubbing the Oscars for the contemporary jewelry world, this year.