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Signe, Singe

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Signe Singe” is the French title of this exhibition.It is the play of an inversion of letters…of words.  A joke between the distinctive "sign" that could be the jewel and the "monkey" who in different places and in different epochs represents both the magician-tricker or the artist impersonator. Beside, it is also under the auspices of this zodiac sign that the two artists, Sophie Hanagarth and Yiumsiri Vantanapindu, owe their birth though one cycle apart.


This title seems to us to be a means of grouping enigmatic, austere, carnivorous, carnal pieces into relationship master-pupil  "Whomonkeys who?". These works are answered by the proximity of the creative path, anchored between the west and the east. In addition, it will be the occasion to conveneat the vernissage the enigmatic god-monkey Hanuman, main character of the Thai mythology to come to imitate man by adorning himself. The myth of Ramayana will be presented through the performance of a classical dancer.