• 8th Anniversary Celebration
    8th Anniversary Celebration

    Time flies! We will be celebrating our 8th Anniversary on November 29th. We will also be giving our 2nd A Degree Award on this day. 



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I-Land Mini Exhibition by Katja Prins





ATTA Gallery introduces Katja Prins's new work, Shifting Perspectives, through I-Land mini exhibition. 


Since quite some time now, I'm fascinated by the interaction between the human body on one side and mechanic devices, (medical) technology and industry on the other side.

How do these 2 things, the human and the artificial, relate to each other?

This new body of work is referring to architecture, ground plans, technical drawings, our urban surroundings and cityscapes with their technical realm, and the shifting of perspectives and/or scale in between.

But also think of personal perspectives that have been shifting over time and a look that's been shifting away from the body, going from inside to outside.

All this derives from being fascinated by the fact that Man, and more in particular his body, is the measure of all things that we build, create and surround ourselves with.