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A/Part: The Existing of the Non-Existence

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a/part:  the existing of the non-existence focuses on shifting cultural context of jewelry.  The significance of this body of work is questioning the conceptual existence of jewlery as an absolue objext and a separate entity from the body.  In this work, I am exploring artists's or the wearer's breath as the most significnat element of jewelry.  It is the replacement between the inner emtyp space of body and empty space of jewlery, and the formless of breath creating a formless of jewlery into a jewlery from generating a new connection between human body and new visual perception of jewlery.  In this work, I am questioning the core concept of jewlery crossed culturally both histrocial and contemporary issues related to the definition of jewlery and lack of the interplay between jewelry and vosy in today practices.

Historically, jewlery has played significant roles not only as a part of body adornment but the in/visible connections between jewelry, body, dress and society, however, in today mainstream culture, the realm of jewelry has been cosntrained to mainly physical objects disconnected to doby.  The deepter conceptual and physical relationship between jewlery and body has been disregarded; therefore this project aims to redefine jewlery as a catalyst by shifting cultural contect conceptually both rol and definition of jewelry.