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CHAINreaction by HANDSHAKE project

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The brief for ‘CHAINreaction’ at ATTA is to build a ‘jewellery-set’ that branches off from the conception of the NECKLACE. This exhibition was an open call for past and current HANDSHAKE artists who are active with their object based practice. Each set is displayed on a canvas, highlighted by its conceptual idea, its aesthetics and its presentation.

The twelve selected jewellers for ‘CHAINreaction’ all participated in the innovative mentoring and exhibition programme called HANDSHAKE, developed by contemporary award-winning artist and jeweller Peter Deckers. “It is a fine-tuning process. The project relies on the concentrated focus and risk-taking of each mentee, and on the relationship and knowledge of the participating mentors.”

The HANDSHAKE project supports emerging New Zealand jewellery artists, allowing them to develop within two years ideas and artworks for a succession of exhibitions with the assistance of a chosen mentor. The HANDSHAKE recipients are presented with additional opportunities to develop their practices even further through a number of exciting challenges, including curated exhibitions (like the one exhibiting here at ATTA Gallery), masterclasses, collaborations and network opportunities with both national and international exposure. The progressive nature of the programme aims to develop independent makers with an innovative and energetic practice.

In the seven years since its conception, the HANDSHAKE programme has built up a reputation for its focus on development and excellence. It is an alternative to higher education, were the experimental meets the practical paired with expert advice and opportunities.  Each participant has been selected through an open call and selected by internationally renowned experts.

Participating Artists: 

Becky Bliss, Brendon Monson, Caroline Thomas, Jennifer Laracy, Kelly McDonald, Nadene Carr, Nadine Smith, Neke Moa, Nik Hanton, Raewyn Walsh, Renee Beven, Sharon Fitness