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Echoes of Order

carina poster square






"Delight is between boredom and confusion."

                             Ernst Gombrich


     The repeated arrangent of similar fragments, lines or colours creates a pattern.  If the formation is too orderly and the expectations of regularity are steadily fulfilled, the viewer will loose interest quickly, because the pattern is effortlessly decoded.  If the structure has too few repitions or the elements are too varied though, the pattern will fall apart and the viewer will experience a sense of chaos and confusion.

      In the exhibtiion "Echoes of Order" we present our latest works, which are composed of tiny carved particles from paper and graffiti.  In an intuitive process, our pieces grow bit by but and develop complex patterns of colours and textures, which have a rythem and logic of their own.

      We choose intentional disturcance over perfect order, organic symmetry over impeccable repetition.