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"HD L3ISUR3" is the third installment between an ongoing collaboration of the contempoary jewelers Annika Pettersson, Florian Milker, and Adam Grinovich.  The project, initially titled "HD-Treasure" began as a coming together of the three artists to ideate the central theme of the Zimmerhof symposium in 2016 in Bad Rappanau, Germany. The theme "HD-Treasure" was a playful look at comtemporary digital culture, social media, space travel, and technological nostalgia. A survey into contemporary cultures insatiable need for higher definition mediums in an increasingly complex and layered digital environment. A question to a field of highly skilled craft creatives:  How do we locate the precious and how has this definition changed with the new resources around us?  A group of 12 artists/designers/jewelers/gallerists/critics were assembled by the organizing team.  It was during this symposium that the team invited and was introduced to Atty Tantivit, director of ATTA Gallery to speak about her experience with contemporary jewelry as a maker, collector, and gallerist.

In 2017, the organizing team re-assembled to curate the "HD-Treasure" exhibition as a satellite exhibition during Schmuck jewelry week 2017.  Each of the 12 speakers, with the addition of the 3 organizers of Zimmerhof 2016 were asked to display several exemplary works.

In 2018, Pettersson, Milker, and Grinovich came together once again to exhibit new bodies of work together under the title "HD L3I$UR3".  The title, a playful shift from its orignal iteration, reflects the group's ongoing collaboration and exchange of concepts and ideas.  "HD L3I$UR3" at ATTA Gallery represents each of the three core members' personal interpretation of technolocy, craft, new media, and the future potentials of jewelry.

"HD L3I$UR3" connects the three artists via common aesthetic expression, a shared appreciation of design, a playful fascination with internet culture, and a genuine hopefulness concerning the future of jewlery and craft. Each artist, with his or her own distinct body of work, reflecting on the current state of making on the orders of the digital and analog worlds.