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She: Portraits/Contemporary Jewelry

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1. Stories being told. 

And humanity being captured through the camera lens.

One man's curiosity along with a pair of observant and skillful eyes resulted in a series of interviews and portraits of his interviewees that reflects human's resilience in life as well as strengths that surface when lives get tough.

A twist of fate can make ordinary people extrodinary.

An ordinary setting for a photo shoot can be expraordinary source of information.

Supachai Ketkaroonkul captures the extraordinary out of the ordinary.


2. Interviews and photographs were offereed as inspirational resources to a creative mind.

With her own two hands, intangible inspirations are skillfully and artistically turned into tangible objects for the body.

Essence of resilience and strenth gets reinterpreted and expressed with the use of various shapes, forms and materiials.

Rudee Tancharoen retells stories, that were once told with words and photographs, in her own three-dimensional, tactile way of communication.