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Niko by Aya





After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Japan, Aya Ito, aka Itoaya, came to Thailand to teach art at a Japanese school in Thailand.  It was while living in Thailand that her interest in Onomatopoeia began.  She sees Onomatopoeia as a cultural element that makes speaking languages clearer and allows people to be more interactive and communicative.  An example of Onomatopoeia is a cat’s sound “meow meow”. 

Itoaya’s fist exhibition was called “doki doki” as a result of her interest in Onomatopoeia.  Doki doki signifies the feeling of excitement.  Pieces in the exhibition showed different movements of heartbeats.  Her pieces were all movable and the way they move depends on the movements of the wearers.

Niko Niko is her second exhibition and it signifies a happy smile.  Viewers can be expected to smile while watching the movements of her mobile that remind people of the blooming of cherry blossoms.

Itoaya was born in Tokyo in 1982.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design from Tokyo Gakugei University in 2006 and her Master’s Degree in Jewelry Design from Silpakorn University in 2018.