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Diversity Galore

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Art Jewelry has evolved from its inception as an expressive and vibrant field of art from the days when it was easy to determine from which country a piece of jewelry originated. Clearly there were signature styles of Scandinavian, German, Japanese or Italian. These works had the stamp of their national aesthetics/approaches.


Now, due to the internet and social media, art forms and styles are much more global. Education in the field of art jewelry is more informed by global trends. The approaches toward jewelry making are very varied. Jewelry artists will always use this medium to decorate, but at the same time the medium is also used more and more to reflect on changing values in society about the environment, recycling, preciousness, status, beauty and value itself.


Jewelry artists today use a wide variety of materials and (new) techniques and concepts. The diversity is breathtaking and never ceases to amaze me. The richness of the materials used in incredible. Inmaterialterms most materials used have little ornovalue. They stem from a completely different approach towards beauty and meaning. It requires great artistic talent and a developed sense of intuitionby the artist. The results inspire and move us and force us to re-think what jewelry is or should be.


I hope that all - who visit the exhibition -will enjoy this collection and leave with a lot of food for thought.


I am honored to bring this collection of 20 artists’ work of such diverse approaches to an area where art jewelry is probably looked upon with suspicion.


Our hope is to educate and open people’s eyes and minds to “diversity galore”!


Sincere thanks to all the artists and also to ATTA Gallery for hosting this exhibition.



Charon Kransen, curator



Participating Artists


Efharis Alepedis USA

Sara Barbanti Italy

Sofia Bjorkman Sweden

Liv Blavarp Norway

Monica Cecchi Italy

Kat Cole USA

Elin Flognman Sweden

Mirjam Hiller Germany

Dongchun Lee S.Korea

Reka Lorincz Hungary

Deborah Lozier USA

Annika Pettersson Sweden

Amir Sheikhvand Iran/Canada

Niki Stylianou Greece

Demitra Thomloudis USA

Fumiki Tagushi Japan

Annette Dam Denmark

Katja Toporski Germany/USA

Jordi Aparicio Spain

Yong Joo Kim S.Korea