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A Human, A Monkey, an Alien

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What kind of existence are we?  What will mankind, once anthropoids, advance to?  In a wold where environmental destruction is ramplant, are human beings and animals really a confrontational entity?  How do we understand the occasinal animal nature despite repeated evolution?  Suppressed by machine civilization, will humans gradually become cyborgs or goblins?  On what grounds are aliens based on human structure?

I think one needs a mark to recognize one's own existence.  Jewelry has served as an identification tag since the beginning.  Small and lively objects that make a delicate difference... The difference makes a distinctness, but the truth frankly makes oneself reveal many of the features inherent in oneself.

By wearing jewelry, I become a moneky, a gobling, and an alien.

As a material, wood has a subtle charm that it once was alive.  Its sleek sihouettte and flat surface is suitable to conceal its nature. Only eyes, nose and mouth on it help recognize what they really are.

As jewelry, I show the monkey, the goblin and the alien inside me.