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poster pear square





"An indefinite transmission outside the jewelleries,

Not depending on utilities and attraction;

Honestly purposing to the mind

Enlightening into one's true nature, and reaching Anattata"


The selected collection reflects ordinary beauty of jewellery and its abstract meaning. It shows a creative process which simply demonstrates time and matter. The concept aims to "Reveal the message through reality and nature states of the materials. Ordinary is beauty and all things are true liberation." Materials demonstrate nature of things, telling repeated stories of life. Time enhances the evolving cycle in which nothing lasts forever; everything deteriorates and eventually falls.


A series of jewellery aims to emphasise the no-self of things will lead to the understanding of the certainty of changing in Buddhism-Anattata. The collection is the result of the experiments, creative and the artist understanding of the complexion of the materials. The audience will experience the beauty through shapes forms, structures and connections, which though appear unstable, state of not being self.


The beauty of this gathering lies in wearable art of life in which all phenomena are underlying the principle; Anattata (state of not being self) - everything is non-existent. The jewellery serves as a reminder of the ultimate truth to its wearer and truely become part of life. Its beauty implies the 'wisdom of creativity' where anything that heppens eventually declines one way or another. There is no real essence, soul, or self.