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Tales of the Truth by Rudee Tancharoen

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 Tales of the Truth

I call this series of work, “Tales of the Truth”, as each piece of work tells a story. The stories are different, yet they share common value, the value of being true.

Being true and meaningful are important to my work because making contemporary jewellery is not my career but it is an expression of my belief, my opinion, my philosophy.

Therefore, my jewellery are not body ornaments but they are objects to carry with body in order to remind the carrier of their existence and context.

Even without intention, it is hard to deny that political situation in my country at this moment does influence this series of my work.

It is a sorrow to see the path that we are being led to. What are the problems? How can we solve them? How are we going to overcome it? How can we prevent it from recurring in the future?

I found that many problems and questions I have, not only political problems but also other general matters in my ordinary life, led me to the same answers.

That is the reason I called it, “the Truth”. At least it is to me.

Rudee Tancharoen, Bangkok, 2014