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From Chaos to Comprehension





The exhibition “From Chaos to Comprehension” shows the work of 7 contemporary Jewellery artists from Denmark/Germany, Thailand, the UK and the People’s Republic of China, all graduated from the MA 'Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products' at Birmingham City University, UK between 2010 and 2013.  All of tem have experienced the turbulent, but rewarding process, of studying for an MA; which led them from a state of chaos to comprehending their work, its' prerequisites and processes.

The work shown is the outcome of an ongoing struggle in which chaotic situations in the working process are followed by comprehension, which in turn fosters new questions. All of the artists share the belief that study was an important step and a base for future work. What connects the artists together is their striving for good solutions to their individual concepts.

The concepts and work are as different as their makers, and they reflect various perspectives on Jewellery in the context of society and personal experience.


Participating Artists:

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn’s work is a result of recorded and collected memories sent to him from participants around the world, including film, sound, photographs and found objects. His work evolves around memory as a very personal and individual experience, which we also wear in the mind.

Nanna Grønborgis influenced by the fusion of cultures and the contradictions between the rational and the intuitive. Her work balances this with subtle irony, while relying on theoretical tools like semiotics and the science of perception to reflect on it.           

Fliss Quick’s jewellery can be viewed as anecdotal evidence; pieces which allude to an earlier event. She works as a narrator conjuring protagonists and their consequent environments or scenarios to build a vocabulary of making to evoke stories. This process allows her to present social comment in a removed and playful manner

Hannah Fewtrell- Bolton is very excited by fashion: The way it enables the wearer to express their personality and style every day without ever having to speak a single word fascinates her. She is interested in making a statement and causing a reaction.

Natalie Smith’s works explore ideas of growth, transformation, and disintegration inspired by the dramatic dreamscapes of surrealistic science fiction. Her new collection focuses on the term ‘Wear and Tear’ and illustrates this by her use of permanent and temporary materials such as paint, metal and sugar.

Xiao Liu is initiating a discourse on the relationship between jewellery’s functionality and visual acknowledgment.. Some of the pieces may seem deceitfully wearable in many ways, but turn out to be unwearable and non-functional objects.

Farrah Al-Dujaili’s design methodology revolves around the act of drawing as an intuitive and subconscious process. It is equal measures of intuitive play and measured control. Often tempted by the suggestion of new forms held within a piece, she imposed restraint to stay with the form of the Venus flytrap but play with its endless compositional possibilities.