Carina Chitsaz-Shostary Works

Carina Chitsaz-Shostary

B. 1979, Germany


2006 | 2012       Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Munich, DE
2001 | 2004       State Colleft for Glass and Jewellery, Neugablonz, DE


The basic material for the pieces of the series „What´s left of Krypton” are thick colour sheets from a graffiti wall in Munich. Because the wall gets resprayed all the time, the colour pads sometimes fall off like old plaster. By carefully dividing the material into fine layers, fragments of covered graffiti appear again. As the wall is exposed to wheather conditions and the single layers connect to each other, the colour plates show surfaces that resemble ancient frescoes.

In contrast to this stands the futuristic language of the brooches´ forms in which you can recover the cryptic letterings and comiclike drawings of the graffiti art.