Mikiko Minewaki Works

Mikiko Minewaki

B. 1967, Japan


1986 | 1989      Hiko Mizuno Collage of Jewelery, Tokyo, Japan



My idea come from.......

-anything that hides a good form. I am making my pieces by the work of cutting off many goods.

Any object by being pieced can become wearable.

Things previously without connection to the body can become wearable to it

by this simple operation.

Goods change like this.

A lot of goods are comparatively near the body with having them in the hand.

But the distance with the body didn't approach any further.

Such goods become like these.

I love to look for the goods for my pieces and make new forms out of objects used everyday.

It is happy to me if you could enjoy such a point of view when you saw my pieces.

Now,I have a pen with my hand.but when we see it the next time,it may be a neckchains!