Catarina Silva Works

Catarina Silva



     Individual Jewellery Project, Ar.Co Lisbon, Portugal  

2000 | 2004

     Jewellery, Ar.Co Lisbon, Portugal


The Surrealistic and neo-pop assemblage that results in the intertwine between ornamental forms that allude the naturalistic in counterpoint with apparently mechanical and artificial elements, seek to establish an effect that in spite of being inspired in the historical tredition still aims to reinvent it's form and meaning.


The premise of constructing portable, usable Jewellery associated with the expressive and inventive qualities of drawing and collage enabled contrast between volume and lightness thus ensuring an ethereal sensation and abstract perception of this pieces. 


I intend to demonstrate the significance of Jewellery as a discipline with an enriching artistic practice decisive in the defination and construction of culture in contemporary existence.