COLOR - KOBE Design University 2021
September 25, 2021 - November 7, 2021


Kobe Design University, located in Kobe, Japan, has a department of jewelry, where we train groups of diverse artists every day. We create pieces of jewelry based on techniques we have studied and concepts that make the most out of our individualities.

In this exhibition, we show works of lecturers, graduates and graduate students who are also active artists. 

Jewelry changes with surrounding environment. The connection with the world appears as an individual work.

In this exhibition, each individuality is expressed by the word “COLOR” *. 

We hope you enjoy the individualistic expression of each work presenting in “COLOR”.


*"iro iro" means various in Japanese, while "iro" alone means COLOR. The title of this exhibition is therefore a play-on-words in Jpaanese.