4 x 100 Group Exhibition
November 18, 2021 - January 9, 2022


4x100 exhibition aims to capture the artistic journeys of the 4 artists of C.A.P. Studio, based in Chiangmai, Thailand, where they have honed their technical printmaking skills, gained professional experiences and more importantly, learned how to create evolving body of works through critical and conceptual thinking.

The works shown in 4x100 exhibition covers works created during the early period of their careers as master printers at C.A.P. Studio, works that signify major shifts in their artistic directions, current works that express their own unique identities through “languages”, ideas, styles and techniques as well as non-print works they have recently created.

Artists: Ammarin Kuntawong , Jerawit Surtsit, Suttipong Vongson, Yuttana Sittikan