Benedikt Fischer/Karin Johansson/Noon Passama
March 12, 2022 - May 1, 2022


Benedikt Fischer

My work in this exhibition consists of two parts.

One part of the exhibition was made over the last year and a half, in collaboration with outsider artist Rudy de Gruyl. We meet every Thursday and make things from various materials. We share a lot of interests, such as history of art and craft, hunting for treasures at flea markets, the (homo)erotic, and most of all: bright colours. The majority of our work is wearable, as we love to express ourselves this way. Our focus is very much on the joy of making.

The other half consists of ceramic objects made sole by me. I decided to work with clay since it is a challenge for me to engage with a material that comes with no information concerning form or aesthetic. The resulting objects are a wink to topics encountered in my daily life. From the prosaic conformation with healthy food and self-image, over to the multiple facets of identity in contemporary society.


Karin Johansson

Point of view

Remote places in the palm of my hand

Under my feet, a map to explore.                                                                                                                                                              

Hidden colours unfold in the dark, and clues to be found in vanishing clouds.                                                                                             

The line never ends, it just makes a new a turn

Wearable objects in silver, gold and fired enamel.


Noon Passama

crush / gather / twist / reverse A set of indefinite basic actions which bring about shapes that are somewhere between the classic and the unfamiliar. An action is repeated over and over in sculpted models until there is one that feels right. The sculpting process is the passing of stages in which a malleable material becomes solidified. It reflects in the contrast between the sleek hard tactility and the soft fluid-like appearance of the jewellery. In many pieces, the framework is a straightforward format like a complete circle or one link connecting to the next.