We can all agree that we want to cultivate our personal tastes in art so we can then proudly accept, express and celebrate our own uniqueness through art.

Despite the barriers we all know exist, the real problem is that we think we will be happy and fulfilled by following trends or amassing items similar to what others already possessed, over following our own hearts and seeking to connect with what would be reflective of our unique selves.

Yet, we can agree it’s true that what we buy is an extension of our personalities and an indication of what we value.

That’s why we need to take control of cultivating our own tastes in art so that we can buy what we truly love, not what others prompted us to buy.

Here’s how:  expose ourselves to a wider variety of art, craft and design objects, be aware of our inner conversations with them and have the freedom and confidence to invest in our own happiness through the act of collecting.

Not only does that achieve the goal, it also leaves us with a sense of pride, joy and personal fulfillment that will last a long time.


ATTA Gallery wants to be a part of this very personal journey by offering diversified experiences in art viewing, appreciating, buying and collecting through exhibitions and activities revolving around various types of collectible contemporary visual art so that you can cultivate your own personal taste in art and confidently establish your own personal collection.