We believe that one should cultivate a unique personal taste in art so that one could have a meaningful and personal experience in collecting art, craft and design objects that one could find oneself "Living Happily With".


By embracing and celebrating diversity in artistic expressions for both creators and buyers alike. 

By diversifying types of works being exhibited at our space, and therefore in the market, to allow for possible meaningful and personal "Meaning Making"  by the audience through viewing and collecting contemporary art, craft and design objects that reflect the buyer’s values and perspectives in life. 

By promoting the concept of "Living With What You Love"  over the concept of ownership and possession.

By promoting the concept of "Investing in Oneself and One’s Happiness"  over the concept of investing in the "art market". 


Our curatorial program offers a variety of collectible contemporary art, craft and design objects of superb concepts and craftsmanship by local and international artists through thoughtfully curated exhibitions to enable our audiences to expand their viewing experiences and to cultivate their personal tastes in art as well as collecting experiences.