Nora Rochel Works

Nora Rochel

1979, Germany


2004 | 2009 Diplom, University of applied science, Pforzheim, Jewellery Design
2007 Dept. of Metalwork & Jewelry, Graduate School, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea, Exchange Semester
2007 Practical: Kay Eppi Nölke, Konstanz, Germany Practical


Inspired by the wordplay of the German word „querbeet“, meaning unsystematic, mix and match as well as referencing flower beds, Nora Rochel explores the world of flowers and organic growth as visual formgiving and expressiveness in both jewellery and everyday objects. While flowers generally are considered a bit sentimental she was inspired by the full spectrum of their complexity and variegation.  Wearing Nora Rochel‘s rings turns one‘s hands into small landscapes and gardens.