Marie-Louise Kristensen Works

Marie-Louise Kristensen

B. 1971, Denmark


2000 | 2004      Institute of Precious Metal – Copenhagen.


“Jewellery is an intimate art form and Marie-Louise Kristensen’s jewellery invites us to take a closer look. She is the ultimate storyteller in the contemporary Danish jewellery world. Her brooches and rings can be considered as tableaux: an arrangement of various figures and objects in precious and non-precious materials. Miniatures of familiar objects hold their own particular fascination and charm. It is easy to be impressed by the craftsmanship it takes to produce them, but Kristensen’s tableaux are in addition both subtle and challenging. We recognise the objects but are surprised by the various compositions and not in the least by seeing these motives in a jewellery context.”

Jorunn Veiteberg, Art Historian