Panjapol Pai Kulpapangkorn Works

Panjapol Pai Kulpapangkorn

Born 1986, Thailand


2010 | 2011 Master of Art in Jewellery Silversmithing and Related Products, Birmingham City Univercity, School of Jewellery, Birmingham, The UK
2004 | 2009 King Mongkut’s Institute of Tecnology Ladkrabang (KMITL)


“Everybody has their own jewellery,
But not everyone realises that they have already worn it”

I always recorded and collected memories from the places I visited by using films, sounds, diary, photographs and found objects. All these things have a strong emotional and physical relationship. The memory that is precious, is very personal and individual. It seems I wear it, not on my body but in my mind. A memory can be defined in my view as a piece of jewellery that is still a part of me and with me all the time.

My body of works, focus on people’s memories. It works as memory storage to keep and collect the memories in form of wearable objects. In each of the project, I attempted to figure out the different directions of communication in various form of jewellery.