Three Worlds: Through the Lens by Jiro Kamata and Chalat Kanjanaratanakorn
August 6, 2022 - September 18, 2022


THREE WORLDS:  Through the Lens


When taking photographs, one looks through a camera lens out into the world, capturing what’s outside of oneself.  Yet, what the lens captures is very often reflective of oneself, as one actively decides on what to capture based on one’s own perspectives. 


A camera lens becomes what separates and joins the two “worlds” together—the inner world and the outer world of one’s “self”.


While viewing another person’s photograph, one creates through a different lens yet another personal layer of interpretation, perspective, narrative and meaning with the photograph. Therefore, a third dimension—a third world—beyond the inner world and outer world of a photographer’s self, is created.


Camera lenses link two artists together in this joint solo exhibition, while also make apparent of the differences in their practices.


Jiro Kamata (b. 1978) is a Japanese contemporary jewelry artist who was trained as a goldsmith in Japan and Germany and is now based in Munich, Germany after finishing his study at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich under Otto Kunzli in 2006.  He has been using used camera lenses as his main materials for creating his contemporary jewelry and art objects in many innovative ways for the past 20 years. Experimenting with different colors of PVD coating on concave and convex camera lenses, different types of reflections are created.   To him, these lenses not only reflect our reality, but they may also change our perception.


Chalat Kanjanaratanakorn (b. 1993) is an emerging Thai visual artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. Although once trained in architecture from Monash University in Australia, he found photography his most natural medium. His photographs, subdued in colors and delicate in compositions, speak from a place best, if not only, accessible by photography. He uses photography as a language, through camera lenses, to interact with himself and others.


In this joint solo exhibition, Jiro’s and Chalat’s “worlds” are displayed side-by-side in the exhibition room, allowing viewers to connect and compare the two “worlds” and at the same time, create a personal dialogue with the artworks to transpire another “world”.


Comparable to a lithograph print titled Three Worlds by M. C. Escher first printed in 1955, three perspectives are created in many contexts within the exhibition space. 


Through the lens of this joint solo exhibition, the THREE WORLDS are being actively and simultaneously realized by the artists and the art viewers.


Exhibition view

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