Abstract: Expressions, Interpretations and Connections
June 1, 2023 - July 16, 2023


ATTA Gallery believes that cultivating a unique personal taste in art is crucial for meaningful and personal experiences in collecting art, craft, and design objects that bring happiness. This belief is the foundation of our "Cultivate Your Taste in Art Series", and our first event in this series is the "Abstract: Expressions, Interpretations and Connections" Exhibition.

The term "abstract" has different meanings depending on the context. In science and research fields, an abstract is a concise summary of an experiment or research project, providing specific information. In the art field, however, abstract art conveys an artist's exploration, determination, experimental methods, and resulting expressions in a non-representative manner.

There are key differences between scientific abstracts and abstract art. Scientific abstracts use specific terminology and leave little room for interpretation, while abstract art engages the imaginations and allows for subjective interpretations. Scientific abstracts present logically comprehensible results, while abstract art may convey emotional expressions that are not readily understood. Furthermore, scientific abstracts are one-way communication, summarizing main ideas for readers, while abstract art is two-way communication, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork on a personal and emotional level.

This exhibition is designed in a scientific manner to test our belief and focuses on the concept of "abstract" in the context of art. We chose abstract art for this exhibition as it offers more room for interpretation compared to narrative or figurative art. The exhibition showcases diverse abstract expressions, mediums, shapes, forms, and techniques, allowing viewers to experience the multifaceted layers of abstract artworks and create their own interpretations and connections with the artworks. Additionally, we aim to expose viewers to different types of visual artworks created by international artists, showcasing their unique expressions and expanding viewers' horizons in art.

Throughout the exhibition, viewers will be prompted to create their own interpretations and connections with the exhibited artworks through visual and audio cues. Our hope is that after experiencing this exhibition, viewers will continue to engage in dialogues with artworks and explore their personal interpretations and connections whenever they visit art exhibitions in the future. By repeating this process systematically, a cultivated personal taste in art can be developed.



Peter Bauhuis (DE), Viriya Chotpanyavisut (TH) Douglas Diaz (US) Morten Lobner Espersen (DK) Kristof Ghekiere (BE) Karin Johansson (SE) Jiro Kamata (JP) Beppe Kessler (NL) Morakot Ketklao (TH) Floor Mommersteeg (NL) Chayanich Muangthai (TH) Duenchayphoochana Phooprasert (TH) Carmen Ceniga Prado (ES) Soichiro Shimizu (JP) Wipoosana Supanakorn (TH) Fumiki Taguchi (JP) Dow Wasiksiri (TH) Mel Young (AU) Caroline Zimbalist (US)


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