Lost & Found All About Love: Group exhibition curated by Ken Yutdanai
January 20, 2024 - February 18, 2024

Love is a complex emotion that transcends mere romantic connections. It has many dimensions and can manifest in various forms, extending beyond relationships with partners. Love can be experienced for hobbies, cherished belongings, and cherished individuals such as daughters, sisters, mothers, and best friends. This essay explores the diverse dimensions of love and how it can evoke profound emotions, leading individuals to create works inspired by their affection.


Sometimes, the true depth of love is only realized when it faces the risk of being lost. Near-miss experiences can be eye-opening, leading individuals to acknowledge the significance of what they hold dear. Such events often provoke reflection on the level of care and attention given to the object or person, prompting a reevaluation of priorities.


Witnessing how others express their love can be enlightening and enriching. By observing the works of ceramic artists and other creative individuals, we gain insights into the depths of their affection. Through art, these artists offer a glimpse into their hearts, providing us with a unique opportunity to comprehend the myriad ways love can manifest.


Each person's experience of love is unique and shaped by their individual perspective and life journey. The feelings we hold for people or things we love are deeply personal and vary greatly from one person to another. Some may show love through grand gestures, while others prefer subtle acts of affection. Understanding and respecting these differences help us appreciate the richness of human emotions.


Ken Yutdanai, Artist and Curator


Participating Artists:

Ariya Sittibud (TH), Chanakarn Semachai (TH), Delia Maxim (RO), Hannah Pierce (US), Hiro Tashima (US), Indigo Hsu (UK), Janina Myronova (PL), Ken Yutdanai (TH), Lek_Lek Torpong (TH), Luciano Polverigiani (AR), Naidee Changmoh (TH), Peiyu Shih (TW), Ting Chu (TH), Zhao Lin  (CN)


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