SEAM-less by Katja Prins and Morakot Ketklao
February 22, 2024 - April 14, 2024


"SEAM-less", a duo exhibition by artists Katja Prins and Morakot Ketklao, aims to challenge binary art perceptions, urging local audiences to reconsider traditional definitions of art and bridge the gap between different art practices, particularly between art and craft. By spotlighting interdisciplinary artists whose works seamlessly merge opposing materials and practices, the showcase prompts reflection on how diverse elements converge to form new, unified "matter" with its unique value, properties, and cultural significance.


Katja Prins (b. 1970), a Dutch artist initially trained as a jeweler, transitioned her practice from body-related contemporary jewelry to creating objects beyond the body. Blurring distinctions between natural and artificial realms and human-machine connections, Prins harmoniously combines diverse materials to craft unified pieces.


Morakot Ketklao (b. 1971), a Thai artist, draws from her upbringing in crafts and formal fine arts education in Thailand and Germany. Her diverse artworks, spanning paintings and installations, integrating craft techniques like embroidery into abstract paintings, infusing them with a unique dimension and thematic exploration of life and natural landscapes amid change.


This cross-disciplinary exhibition showcases Prins' jewelry and wall art alongside Ketklao's paintings and painting installations, fostering a dialogue among the artworks, allowing audiences to perceive relationships within the exhibition.  Both artists eloquently demonstrate in their works how the “seam” or junction between distinct materials and practices leads to seamlessness, evident in both their art and artistic approaches.  Highlighting the fusion of fine art and craft skills, both artists navigate contemporary visual art world without confining themselves to distinctions between art and craft, as well as between fine art and applied art. Emphasizing the harmony between creativity and craftsmanship, they transcend binary thinking in art.


By juxtaposing the two artists and their works, the “SEAM-less” exhibition seeks to dissolve boundaries between art practices, encouraging audiences to appreciate diverse art forms without predetermined hierarchies or binary classifications commonly observed in the region's art scene.



Exhibition view